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13 September 2010 @ 05:19 pm
Welcome to chotto_icon, the storing journal of popuranoki.
This is where I store all the graphics I find and use.

1. Put icons,banners, headers, and etc. under a LJ CUT.
2. Credit is mandatory, Unless YOU made them.
3. Do NOT Hotlink from other people work HERE & On other comms, It wastes bandwidth. Upload whatever you take to your own server; like Photobucket/Tinypic/Imageshack.
4. Be KIND to others on this community. :D

This is a MEMBER ONLY Com.  I was using this for storing things but I made this MEMBER ONLY! because I don't see why others who want to use it, can't use it. You can store any graphic you want.

Ok, I guess that's all.. If you want to join - Join Chotto_icon
I will add you once you sent the request. If you aren't added in 2 days time then it must mean that my a) My computer's broken or b) I lost my internet connection.
But don't worry you will be added.

Also to any creator who comes to this community, if you are bothered in anyway about this please consult this matter with me. (by messaging popuranoki@LJ or popuranoki@yahoo.com)
Well, Ok, That's all, but let me assure you everything here is credited. So we DON'T STEAL or HOTLINK
Here is the
Credit Page

Thanks for reading anyway. :D
Hope you Join.
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